The combined ability to perform compositional analysis along with variant and strain identification has created a powerful approach to studying infectious disease in a hospital setting. RTG enables a comprehensive pathogen identification and epidemiological discovery platform that saves time without sacrificing accuracy or clinical utility.


Outbreak & pathogen detection

The use of next generation sequence data to rapidly and accurately determine the identity and origin of pathogen outbreak is starting to be utilized in various health care applications. Key to the accurate identification of an outbreak is understanding the epidemiology and mutational progression of the pathogen. RTG's proprietary technology can provide high degree of senstivity in an order-of-magnitude less time, delivering a critical time-to-answer advantage during the outbreak of an infectious disease.


Microbiome analysis 

The analysis of gene content in microbiomes has revealed the potential of WGS approaches for exploring metabolic processing potential and pathway representation in health and disease. Using Real Time Genomics’ unique metagenomic analysis capabilities, researchers are able to leverage sequence data to assess the genetic content of their samples and describe the known metabolic pathways in the discovery of novel genes and associated variants. Understanding the metabolic capabilities of microbiomes is providing the basis for new diagnostics and novel therapeutics.