Bio-IT Platform

RTG Bio-IT is an enhanced evolution of the NZGL Bio-IT platform. We can take the pain out of selecting, installing and maintaining your own bioinformatic IT infrastructure. Bio-IT supports New Zealand research by providing a high-quality substrate where work spaces, tools, and applications are made available for bioinformaticians. We provide end-user support in the use of the platform to get your bioinformaticians working more effectively.

Bioinformatic-ready IT Infrastructure

  • Specifically optimised for bioinformatics tool needs
  • Linux based
  • ssh command line and secure remote GUI access

Servers / Storage / Networking

  • High performance CPUs
  • Large memory
  • Fast reliable high capacity storage
  • REANNZ connectivity

System Administration

  • We ensure the system is maintained and operated to best-practise levels
  • Operating system updates and security management
  • Management of user accounts and storage

Bioinformatic Packages

  • Packaging, installation, updates and maintenance of bioinformatic tools and bioinformatic databases
  • Multiple versions available for reproducability
  • End-user support and training