Customer-Centric Genomic Solutions from RTG.

At RTG, we have a passion for genomics. Our core competence is a commitment to know, anticipate and deliver to customer needs. The company has deep computational expertise in algorithms, coupled with extensive product development capabilities and a seasoned software engineering team with over 100 years of success in bringing genomics’ innovation to the life sciences industry.

The company is at the forefront of genomic application development, as evidenced by an extensive portfolio of intellectual property that is one of the widest ranging in the industry. The portfolio covers core mapping and alignment, large and complex pedigree analysis, methods of data analysis for cancer, and methods of metagenomic analysis. We have aided in the development of industry standards (NIST and Genome in a bottle consortia, USA) and were recently selected to provide the benchmarking framework for PrecisionFDA.

End-to-end solutions for NGS-based diagnostic assays- offerings

  • Custom integration of RTG pipelines for whole genome, exomes or targeted panels analysis
  • Web portals for client end-users or lab staff
  • Algorithms, workflows and proprietary tools development
  • Methods development for genomic data analysis
  • Validation services for electronic records and laboratory developed tests (LDTs)

RTG Advantages

  • Project-based, collaborative model
  • RTG’s wide-ranging experience in developing robust, well-engineered solutions
  • Professional staff of developers and systems integration and bioinformatics expertise
  • New Zealand-based company with IT foundation


Our customers have ranged from Genome Institutes to small biotechnology companies across the globe:

  • TOMA Biosciences- Web portal and proprietary algorithm development for cloud-based service
  • Annai Systems- Compute system for high-throughput genomic data processing
  • The Genome Institute, Washington University, St. Louis- metagenomics workflow; algorithms for search and assembly.
  • Livestock Improvement Corporation- Data analysis software and RTG product modifications.
  • VIB, The Flanders Institute of Biotechnology- algorithm development and support for Complete Genomics sequencing platform.