Improved simulation tools / Java 11 compatibility


October 29th, 2018

Real Time Genomics are pleased to announce the availability of new releases of our full analysis suite, RTG Core, and our utility package, RTG Tools.  This release includes new features and bugfixes and Java compatibility improvements. Some of the highlights of this release:

  • Several improvements to simulation tools. In particular, a new command pedsamplesim has been included that makes it very easy to simulate multiple samples at once, given a pedigree file. pedsamplesim automatically simulates founder individuals, inheritance by children, and de novo mutations.
  • Java 11 compatibility testing. RTG is compatible with Java 11, although currently we recommend Java 8 for performance reasons. Also note that due to differences in Java Math library implementation after Java 8, in rare situations minor output differences may be observed when comparing results obtained using Java 8 with later Java versions.  Builds that include a bundled JRE have been updated to the latest JRE 8u181.

For more information including downloads, see the product page for RTG Core or RTG Tools.